Our Process: Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

We make the process of designing, ordering, and building custom furniture and cabinetry as easy as possible, and all of the work is done at our boutique woodworking shop in Lakewood.

Here is how it works…


You Give Us An Idea


Your idea starts the process. You tell us what custom furniture or cabinetry you want and how you want it to look. We discuss your ideas, and you choose a type of wood or other material. We then draw up a plan that brings to life the furniture or cabinets you imagined.

We Help You Perfect The Plan


From there, we produce CAD drawings or mechanical plans and deliver a “cut list” to our building department, where the magic begins.

Attention To Detail At Every Phase


Your wood is cut in our milling department and then passed on to one of our skilled craftsmen who will begin building your custom furniture or cabinetry. Once your job has been built, we will invite you to come look at it before it goes into the finish booth. Once you have inspected it, your custom furniture or cabinetry moves into the sanding department. From the sanding booth, it moves to the finish booth, where final touches are completed.

Delivery And Installation

beautiful furniture

Once your custom furniture or cabinetry has been finished and cured, it gets loaded onto one of our delivery trucks and brought to you, with “White Glove Service.” White glove service means that we perfectly fit your custom furniture or cabinetry into its final resting place, but none of the construction work is ever conducted at your home or business.

It all starts with an idea.


Lifetime Guarantee
Every piece of custom furniture and cabinetry we make comes with a “it will last forever” guarantee – with no maintenance required other cleaning with a damp cloth. If you ever experience problems with warping, cracking, or ill-fitting parts, we will come out and fix them for free, but these instances are rare. We build custom furniture and cabinetry right the first time, with quality workmanship and materials that are designed to last for generations to come.

For a price quote or design consultation, please call (303) 215-0967, or e-mail info@adamsfinefurniture.com.

In addition to custom entertainment centers, custom bars, custom furniture, custom cabinetry, and custom office furniture, we also fabricate architectural woodwork and millwork.

Please note: Our boutique woodworking shop is located at 1390 Lamar Street, in Lakewood, Colorado.


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